If you want to escape the hustle and bustle of London, but still be in a metropolitan setting, then Birmingham is just right for you. Yes, the Workshop of the World is waiting for you with its sprawling shopping centers, wonderful museums, and amazing vistas.

The library of Birmingham is a great place to chill and read a book. It opened in April of 2013, so it’s relatively new. You’ll instantly recognize that classic library smell when you walk in. The architecture inside is incredible. Floors and floors of modern bookshelves, with great lighting. It is the largest public library in the UK.

Birmingham Public Library

Birmingham Public Library

The Shakespeare Memorial Room is also a feast for the eyes. It’s got that old classic vibe to it that instantly transports you to another generation. To the time of the great bard who decorated the stages of his time with some of the best plays known to man.

There is also a “Secret Garden” on top of the library where you can see an amazing view of the city. It’s also a good place to just sit down, have a chat with your friend, and enjoy the breeze blowing on your face.

The Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery is also a fun place to see. It’s got lots of modern installations and advanced technology for you to play with. The best part of this beautiful museum is that entrance is free.

There’s always an event at the corner in Birmingham, whether it’s musicians playing or a make-up contest, Birmingham will never run out of surprises.