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Welcome to the Largest British City Outside London

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Getting To Know Birmingham UK

Here are some fun information about Birmingham, the UK’s fast growing city.

Did you know that Birmingham is the first in rank of UK’s top 20 hotspots mobile shopping on ebay.

Yes, mobile shopping is on the rise and the Brum is leading the way. Mobile shopping is all the rave right now, with a value of over 13 bilion dollars in 2012. In the UK, the following items are bought on ebay through mobile: a car every 3 minutes, a lady’s handbag every 30 seconds, and a pair of ladies shoes every 15 seconds.

That’s quite a statistic, and good news for anyone trying to set up shop online.


Another fun fact about Birmingham is the population of Muslim people. In the Brum, Muslims account for 21.8% of the population. Compared to 24.7% in Bradford, 15.8% in Manchester, 12.4% in London, and 7.7% in Sheffield.

Indeed, Birmingham is a melting pot of cultures. It welcomes people from all over the world. People are very receptive towards other cultures here.


What is it about Birmingham that makes people want to pack their bags and live there in an instant? Maybe it’s the provincial vibe mixed with just the right amount of metropolitan. Maybe it’s the closeness to the countryside. Maybe it’s the beautiful canals that crawl through every part of the city. Or maybe it’s just the sheer wonder that the town brings.

Whatever the case, Brum is truly beautiful in its own right. Some people even think it’s better than London. Why, London is as overrated as Paris or New York. Some people actually prefer the laid back life.

Exploring Beautiful Birmingham

Birmingham is one of the beautiful places in the world that shouldn’t be missed. It is also known as Brum by the locals.

Apart from beautiful architectural styles Birmingham have so many natural interesting places to visit. If you are fond of adventures you can go hiking at Ruffer Mountain.

Ruffer Mountain

You can enjoy in Birmingham during Sundays by having a picnic at this relaxing Oak Mountain State Park where you can unwind, go fishing or canoe. So many surprises are here in Birmingham.

Go relax and visit Mountain Brook Village and be amaze of its dozens of gardens, secluded little nooks and crannies, and those beautiful trails. Looking for a wedding spot? This Botanical Garden is also a popular wedding destination.

For sure your beautiful photos can be enhance with autocad.

Zoo Light

Want more? No worries. You can go to Birmingham’s Zoo Light. This is a magical place to g0 to which basically they cover the zoo with thousands of beautiful twinkling light.


UK’s Premier Shopping Destination

Most people when traveling usually likes to go on shopping to buy something as their souvenir. It is always a good idea to visit shopping centers. A place where you can see and buy unique stuff that will be your souvenir and remind you that you’ve been in that beautiful place.

There you go! Birmingham is an amazing shopping place since it is UK’s premier shopping destination. Where you can do mall hopping.

The Mailbox- Birmingham

There’s “The Mailbox” shopping center. Don’t miss this famed fashion and lifestyle design clash head on with contemporary art and fine furnishings. It is now transformed to a new and bigger mailbox where you can easily get around.

John Lewis- Grand Central

Not only that, there’s Grand Central. It is one of the largest John Lewis department stores in the country. A good place to go to if you’ll have lunch or have coffee with your family or friends before getting around the center. It has over 60 new premium shops, restaurants and cafes.

Usually, 免洗劑洗衣 are offered in some of the store in Birmingham.

Birmingham Best Buy Infograph

Of course, no one wants to miss the Bullring which is also known as the Rag Market that is right in the heart of the city center. The great Western Arcade, Piccadilly Arcade, Burlington Arcade, Martineau Place and many more. These interesting shopping destination can only be seen in Birmingham.



Birmingham’s Modern look and the Old Architectures

We are now in a modern time but Birmingham still has industrial heritage, the stunning old architectures. Ages ago but the old  architectures remain, like the church of St Martin in the Bull Ring. It is the original parish church of Birmingham and is located between the bull ring shopping center and the markets. It is known as the oldest church in Birmingham.

This church was built in 13th century.

St Martin Parish

Here is one amazing modern architecture. The Ice Rink and Big Wheel in Birmingham which is 600 sq m rink in Centenary Square.

Birmingham Ice Rink

Just like modern Birmingham, technology now is totally different that even car stereo needs.

Now, there are so many new built modern architectures in Birmingham which is an additional beauty for the city. As the city expanded, it has acquired a variety of architectural styles.  Buildings of most modern architectural styles in UK are built in Birmingham. The city experienced this rapid growth as a result of the Industrial Revolution which started in the 18th century.

As the population increased, people who goes to church increased and this led to construction of other churches. As well as the other buildings such as schools, malls and etc.


The City of Art, Music and Literature

Aside from knowing that it is one of the most beautiful city in UK. Birmingham is also known of its culture of art and design that emerged in the 1750s. You can see beautiful work of arts in one of the famous museum and art gallery that offers wealth exhibits to explore.

This is the art gallery that has this stunning statue “The Archangel Lucifer”.

The Archangel Lucifer Statue

Their awesome work of arts are studied in their art schools. One of these is school of arts with prestigious building in Birmingham that can be seen in Margaret Street.

School of Arts

Digital copier can be placed in this building to be used as a copier of their pieces and others.

Not only that, Birmingham is also known of their amazing music that was first developed in the mid 1950s. Are you looking for a new look fashion dress? Try this new Jasmine perfect sequin styled gown. The style and design of this dress is perfect for your taste to wear in attending special occasions of your family or friends. Their Music may refer to: Classical music and Jazz music which is very pleasing to hear that has become an influence in the world.

Here is this wonderful classical violin performance of Vanessa Mae at the Birmingham Symphony Hall in 1997.

Another thing is their poetry, philosophy, history, fiction and children’s literature. Most poetry and musical activities are held in this dazzling 2,000-seat work of art in Birmingham Hippodrome.

Birmingham Hippodrome

So if you’re into Art, Music and Literature. Don’t miss the chance to visit Birmingham.


The Beauty of Birmingham

They say Birmingham is a known place that often gets bad reputation and many voted it as the ugliest city in United Kingdom. Now millions of people admire Birmingham’s beauty.

It is now a place that many people dream and wants to visit.

Many photographers nowadays captured beautiful views that can only be seen in Birmingham. And now, here are some beautiful captured photographs of Birmingham that will take your breath away.

Birmingham's Beautiful Captures Views

The first photo shows The new Birmingham Central Library in Centenary Square during sunset. Second is the Birmingham;s beautiful skyline. Next is the City lights: Centenary Square, including the Central Library and the ferris wheel, lit up at night. Lastly is the Beautiful Victoria Square. So these are some beauties of Birmingham that you can visit when you will go this place.

Metal casting process which we force metal under high pressure which we can see the process in a factory near the Birmingham Central library

Another great admirable shot of Birmingham Cathedral.  Built as a parish church and consecrated in 1715.

Cherry Blossom in Birmingham

Who doesn’t love cherry blossoms? Nope, most people love it and how it looks like. And now this is another taken breathtaking photo of Birmingham. This is one of my favorite photo. Who could have thought that Birmingham could look so adorable with this eye-catching cherry blossoms.People love the places in China and adore the beauty of this place.When you go to China, you should bring legal document for visiting china. Come and enjoy the beauty of China freely without thinking any problem about your papers.



Getting To Know Birmingham

At a glance, captured photographs of Birmingham are spectacular.                               United Kingdom’s second largest city. There are so many exciting attractions in Birmingham.


From their beautiful places, interesting music, work of art and literature. The world class shopping centers. Birmingham is renowned for its dining scene. You can also explore the city’s plenty of beautiful scenery by canal boat and many more.

Different styles can also be seen in its newly built library, The Central Library.

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Welcome To Brum (Birmingham)

This city has hot summers, mild winters, and abundant rainfall. History says Birmingham is largely built on manufacturing industry which is the reason why countries nickname is “workshop of the world” in the Victorian Era.

Birmingham is a progressive place with a huge creative industries sector, the largest outside London.  The city was heavily rebuilt with large concrete shopping centers, churches, and a road system characterized by a series of flyovers and underpasses.

St Paul Cathedral

Birmingham Overpasses

Birmingham now has so many beautiful places to visit. When visiting places as with any large town or city, food and drink has played an important role. Travelers do enjoy the wonderful places in Birmingham.

Birmingham gives colorful experience to our vist. Just like cad do to your computers it give wonderful creation and modification.

There are plenty of FREE cultural, educational, and historical things to see and do. Travel while you can, we Welcome you in Brum.



Britain’s Second Largest City

Commonly a country’s second city is thought to be the most important city after the capital or first city. According to history several cities claimed to be declared as the second city of the British Empire.

There are so many cities that has become populous ages ago that they claimed to be the second largest city. Like aristocrat-dominated, Georgian Dublin was the second populous city and is known to be the fifth most populous in Europe in 1801 and was described as the second largest city in UK.

Dublin Population

Later, because of the growing population of Birmingham.With a population in 2014 of 1, 101, 360. Since world war I and up to the beginning  of the 21st century, the city of Birmingham had been considered by many to be the second largest city in UK.

Based on population within the actual city boundaries the city of Birmingham is also the most populous local government in Europe and is substantially larger than other cities.

Birmingham Skyline

Bridal business is increasing in this city.Today, it is a home to major universities and has nearly half its workforce employed in knowledge intensive industries. You can see in this city the top fashion of dresses like Jasmine Tea Length dress. This is one of the ultimate in for the fashion today here in Birmingham.


Some Fun Facts About Birmingham

There’s certainly much to see and much to know about Birmingham. One can never run out of things to say about a particular place. There’s always something magical that happens every day.

Birmingham is one of those special towns that holds a surprise at every corner.

One cute fact about the Brum is that it’s the party photography capital of the UK. This infographic below shows the photos that are coming into their studios and what the photos are about. They compiled the data and found out that Glasgow is the city of pet lovers, London is the city who loves nature photographs, and Birmingham is the city who loves to take party photographs. Isn’t that cute?


Other fun facts about Birmingham are provided by this other infographic below. It is the UK’s most entrepreneurial city, and the second fastest growing outside of London. It’s a perfect place for you to set up shop and grow your revenue.

Here are some other fun facts about Brum. 90% of the UK is within a 4 hour travel time in Brum. That makes it a really accessible place. Truly the epitome of convenience.

40% of people are under 25 which makes it the youngest city in all of Europe. Plenty of opportunities to open your hipster-themed store.


People from Birmingham are also incredibly inventive into engaging in the digital marketing services. There have been hundreds of patents originating from the city. Some are being introduce into promote your business online. They are good at doing marketing services online.

Birmingham has over 6,000 tech firms which employ over 38,300 people, and deliver 768 pounds to the local economy. Talk about a powerhouse of a city.

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