Here are some fun information about Birmingham, the UK’s fast growing city.

Did you know that Birmingham is the first in rank of UK’s top 20 hotspots mobile shopping on ebay.

Yes, mobile shopping is on the rise and the Brum is leading the way. Mobile shopping is all the rave right now, with a value of over 13 bilion dollars in 2012. In the UK, the following items are bought on ebay through mobile: a car every 3 minutes, a lady’s handbag every 30 seconds, and a pair of ladies shoes every 15 seconds.

That’s quite a statistic, and good news for anyone trying to set up shop online.


Another fun fact about Birmingham is the population of Muslim people. In the Brum, Muslims account for 21.8% of the population. Compared to 24.7% in Bradford, 15.8% in Manchester, 12.4% in London, and 7.7% in Sheffield.

Indeed, Birmingham is a melting pot of cultures. It welcomes people from all over the world. People are very receptive towards other cultures here.


What is it about Birmingham that makes people want to pack their bags and live there in an instant? Maybe it’s the provincial vibe mixed with just the right amount of metropolitan. Maybe it’s the closeness to the countryside. Maybe it’s the beautiful canals that crawl through every part of the city. Or maybe it’s just the sheer wonder that the town brings.

Whatever the case, Brum is truly beautiful in its own right. Some people even think it’s better than London. Why, London is as overrated as Paris or New York. Some people actually prefer the laid back life.