We are now in a modern time but Birmingham still has industrial heritage, the stunning old architectures. Ages ago but the old  architectures remain, like the church of St Martin in the Bull Ring. It is the original parish church of Birmingham and is located between the bull ring shopping center and the markets. It is known as the oldest church in Birmingham.

This church was built in 13th century.

St Martin Parish

Here is one amazing modern architecture. The Ice Rink and Big Wheel in Birmingham which is 600 sq m rink in Centenary Square.

Birmingham Ice Rink

Just like modern Birmingham, technology now is totally different that even car stereo needs.

Now, there are so many new built modern architectures in Birmingham which is an additional beauty for the city. As the city expanded, it has acquired a variety of architectural styles.  Buildings of most modern architectural styles in UK are built in Birmingham. The city experienced this rapid growth as a result of the Industrial Revolution which started in the 18th century.

As the population increased, people who goes to church increased and this led to construction of other churches. As well as the other buildings such as schools, malls and etc.