Aside from knowing that it is one of the most beautiful city in UK. Birmingham is also known of its culture of art and design that emerged in the 1750s. You can see beautiful work of arts in one of the famous museum and art gallery that offers wealth exhibits to explore.

This is the art gallery that has this stunning statue “The Archangel Lucifer”.

The Archangel Lucifer Statue

Their awesome work of arts are studied in their art schools. One of these is school of arts with prestigious building in Birmingham that can be seen in Margaret Street.

School of Arts

Digital copier can be placed in this building to be used as a copier of their pieces and others.

Not only that, Birmingham is also known of their amazing music that was first developed in the mid 1950s. Are you looking for a new look fashion dress? Try this new Jasmine perfect sequin styled gown. The style and design of this dress is perfect for your taste to wear in attending special occasions of your family or friends. Their Music may refer to: Classical music and Jazz music which is very pleasing to hear that has become an influence in the world.

Here is this wonderful classical violin performance of Vanessa Mae at the Birmingham Symphony Hall in 1997.

Another thing is their poetry, philosophy, history, fiction and children’s literature. Most poetry and musical activities are held in this dazzling 2,000-seat work of art in Birmingham Hippodrome.

Birmingham Hippodrome

So if you’re into Art, Music and Literature. Don’t miss the chance to visit Birmingham.