Commonly a country’s second city is thought to be the most important city after the capital or first city. According to history several cities claimed to be declared as the second city of the British Empire.

There are so many cities that has become populous ages ago that they claimed to be the second largest city. Like aristocrat-dominated, Georgian Dublin was the second populous city and is known to be the fifth most populous in Europe in 1801 and was described as the second largest city in UK.

Dublin Population

Later, because of the growing population of Birmingham.With a population in 2014 of 1, 101, 360. Since world war I and up to the beginning  of the 21st century, the city of Birmingham had been considered by many to be the second largest city in UK.

Based on population within the actual city boundaries the city of Birmingham is also the most populous local government in Europe and is substantially larger than other cities.

Birmingham Skyline

Bridal business is increasing in this city.Today, it is a home to major universities and has nearly half its workforce employed in knowledge intensive industries. You can see in this city the top fashion of dresses like Jasmine Tea Length dress. This is one of the ultimate in for the fashion today here in Birmingham.