There’s certainly much to see and much to know about Birmingham. One can never run out of things to say about a particular place. There’s always something magical that happens every day.

Birmingham is one of those special towns that holds a surprise at every corner.

One cute fact about the Brum is that it’s the party photography capital of the UK. This infographic below shows the photos that are coming into their studios and what the photos are about. They compiled the data and found out that Glasgow is the city of pet lovers, London is the city who loves nature photographs, and Birmingham is the city who loves to take party photographs. Isn’t that cute?


Other fun facts about Birmingham are provided by this other infographic below. It is the UK’s most entrepreneurial city, and the second fastest growing outside of London. It’s a perfect place for you to set up shop and grow your revenue.

Here are some other fun facts about Brum. 90% of the UK is within a 4 hour travel time in Brum. That makes it a really accessible place. Truly the epitome of convenience.

40% of people are under 25 which makes it the youngest city in all of Europe. Plenty of opportunities to open your hipster-themed store.


People from Birmingham are also incredibly inventive into engaging in the digital marketing services. There have been hundreds of patents originating from the city. Some are being introduce into promote your business online. They are good at doing marketing services online.

Birmingham has over 6,000 tech firms which employ over 38,300 people, and deliver 768 pounds to the local economy. Talk about a powerhouse of a city.