Pronounced “Birming-gum” by the locals, this sprawling city is home to 1,000,000+ residents. It is the second most populous city and second largest city in Britain.

In the Victorian Era it was dubbed “The City of One Thousand Trades” for its booming workshop vibe. Now, not only is it a city of innovation, it is also¬†one of the UK’s premiere destinations in shopping, sightseeing, and culture immersion.


Birmingham, or Brum by the residents, is home to a massive canal system much larger than the canals in Venice and Amsterdam, however totally different types of canals in the strictest sense. This is due in large part to the huge trading system in the industrial revolution.

Many of the buildings in Birmingham now are replacement buildings after being destroyed in the second world war. This gives the city a modern look, however, many of the old architectures still remain.

Come and enjoy this bustling city of art, music, literature, culture, sightseeing, and shopping. Get outside of London for once, and explore the big city near the countryside, Birmingham.